Registration For 2023 Wilmington / Wrightsville Beach, NC
February 25th, 2023


The race will begin at 7:00am at Johnny Mercer Pier
The race will end at 1:30pm at Live Oak Bank Pavilion

Thank you for your patience.  Participants come from all over the country to race here and this race brings over $4 million in economic impact to our city.

The course uses 1 single lane of Eastwood Road to downtown Wilmington.  This allows traffic to move around town with some detours.  See detours below

The following intersections will be delayed based on the estimated timelines

Location First Runner Last Runner  Notes for Drivers
WB DRAWBRIDGE 7:22 7:41 Traffic should use West Salibury to leave the beach
EASTWOOD AND MILITARY 7:27 7:56 Traffic will not be able to cross Eastwood at Military until after 8am. Use College to Market
MARKET RAMP TO S. COLLEGE 7:40 8:42 Will be closed – Use Market to New Center
1 LANE OF S. COLLEGE BETWEEN MLK AND RINGO 7:40 9:15 Runners will be using 1 lane of the road and the shoulder
1 LANE OF MLK FROM HOLMES BRIDGE TO COLLEGE 7:45 10:15 Runners will be using 1 lane of the road and the shoulder
WATER STREET BETWEEN HARNETT AND PRINCESS 8:10 1:10 Runners will be on the roads in 1 Lane
GREENFIELD AND 3RD STREET INTERSECTION 8:28 12:55 Delays as runner cross the road
S. FRONT BETWEEN 3rd and QUEEN 8:00 AM 1:00 PM Runners will be using 1 lane of the road Find an alternative Route


Eastwood and Wrightsville 7am to 8am Use Oleander to College to Eastwood before 8am
Eastwood and Military Cutoff 6:45am to 8:00am Use Oleander to College to Eastwood before 8am
Or if heading South
Use Eastwood West to Market to S. College
Eastwood and Rogersville 7am to 8:30am
Use Wrightsville Ave to College to Market before 8:15am
Eastwood between Autumn Hall and Racine 7am to 8:30am Use College to Market before 8:30am
S. College Ramp off Market closed through 9am Use New Center to S. College before 9:00am
Market Street Exit – Wrightsville Beach off College closed through 9am Use N. College to MLK East before 9:00am
N. 23rd Street On Ramp Closed through 10am Use 23rd Street to Blue Clay to S. Kerr through 10am
133 On Ramp to MLK Closed through 10am Use Blue Clay to S. Kerr through 10am
Front Street downtown between 3rd and Red Cross 7am to 1pm Use 2nd and 3rd streets
Water Street between Red Cross and Princess 7am to 1pm Give yourself extra time to leave
Nutt Street between Red Cross and Live Oak Bank Pavilion 7am to 1pm Give yourself extra time to leave
S. Front between Princess and Queen 8am to 1pm Use 2nd or 3rd streets
N. Front between Burnette and Queen 8:00am to 1pm Use 3rd Street or 16th to Dawson
Greenfield and 3rd 830am to 1pm Use Shipyard to 16th to Dawson or Expect Delays
S. 3rd at Dawson Closed 830am to 1pm Use 17th to Shipyard


Thank you to our public safety and our residents for your patience.  If you have specific questions, email or call 910-239-4760


Proactive Lifestyle Events is a 501C3 Non Profit Organization that puts on athletic events, particularly marathon races and endurance events to serve the local community of Wilmington, North Carolina and surrounding areas. We strive to create a world class experience, promote health and fitness for all ages, and give back to our community.