Registration For 2021 Wilmington / Wrightsville Beach, NC
April 17th, 2021

Training for a Marathon

So you want to run a marathon? Better yet, our marathon? Completing the full or half is an awe-inspiring accomplishment that requires commitment and dedication!

If you’re planning to run our full marathon (26.2 miles), we recommend that you train for 12 to 20 weeks. For the half marathon (13.1 miles), 13 to 14 weeks is ideal.

Three Tips for Running the Wrightsville Beach Marathon

Pace Yourself. Our course is mostly flat, which means it’s easier to maintain a faster pace due to less obstacles like hills. Just because our course is flat, doesn’t mean you should overexert yourself to get to that finish line quicker!

Keep Fueled and Hydrated. Dehydration and low energy equals major performance loss. Our course includes 9 aid stations every couple of miles that offers liquids and snacks that keep you going.

Consider a Pacer. If your goal is to finish the marathon in a certain time, join one of our pace groups! Simply find them at the starting line and follow them to the end. They’ll keep you motivated and on track to success.

Training with a Running Coach

When you’re ready to begin your training, take a minute to consider working with a professional. Sometimes we think we can do it on our own, from following online training plans to keeping yourself motivated every week. It’s possible you may be doing too much, which can result in injury and declining enthusiasm – not good!

Working with running coaches is so beneficial to your marathon training because they’re 100% invested in you and your goals. They can custom create a training program that’s based on your individual endurance, speed, race experience, weekly mileage, and more. Their running programs are also designed to keep you safe and progressing at a healthy pace.

If you’re ready to start training with a coach, we recommend our friends over at Without Limits. They offer in-person training and virtual coaching programs that they’ll work with you to best fit into your daily lifestyle.


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