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March 20-21, 2020

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5 Reasons to Start Training for your Marathon Early | Register for 2019

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It is time to think about or choose your winter spring marathons.  We know, IT’S ONLY OCTOBER, but 16-20 week training plans start November 1st for the 10th annual NHRMC Wrightsville Beach Marathon Madness Weekend!

Why is it important to build up slowly to your marathon?  Many of you runners know the answer, INJURY PREVENTION.  But there is more…..

Read these training notes that you should consider when building up to a long distance running race.

#1 A slow mileage build-up will allow you to find out certain things:

A. How many days a week you should run.
B. How much rest you need in between runs.
C. The flow of your week with your life stress.

#2 Fall races can give you an idea of where your current fitness is.  Sign up for a 5K or a half marathon to give yourself a good judgment of where your fitness is and then build your plan around your strengths and weaknesses.

#3 Consider the holidays.  The holidays are a busy time of year which can cause missed training days and diverted attention.  When you start your training early and you stay consistent, a few missed days won’t set you back at all; and sometimes they can be a pleasant break for your body.

#4 Starting a plan early can allow you to be more conservative, as opposed to starting late and trying to cram mileage in to get in shape quickly.  Running is a process that takes long term consistency.

#5 Last but not least, running miles are like a savings account.  The more you can bank mileage over your lifetime, the more mature the runner you will become, allowing you to fine tune your training.

Happy Running!

Coach Tom Clifford
USATF Level 2

Good luck, and we hope you consider the 2019 NHRMC Wrightsville Beach Marathon.

Current 10 year anniversary Prices:
The next price increase is December 1st

26.2: $90
13.1: $75
Relay: $45
5K Glow Run: $25
1 mile Glow Run: $15

The NHRMC Wrightsville Beach Marathon is one of the top rated marathon’s in the South and Wilmington is the home of Screen Gems movie studio and the NC Azalea Festival in a beautiful beach destination.

Already registered? Click here to confirm your registration


Boston Marathon Adjusts Qualifying Times for 2020

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The Boston Athletic Association lowered all Boston qualifying times by 5 minutes for 2020 and beyond.  This is another reason to choose the NHRMC Wrightsville Beach Marathon is your qualifier.  The WB Marathon is rated the top 20 marathons to most likely qualify for Boston in the late winter early spring season.

Boston Marathon qualifying timesThe Boston Athletic Association announced it has changed the qualifying times runners must achieve to register for the 2020 Boston Marathon.
Age group 2019 men 2020 men 2019 women 2020 women
18-34 3:05 3:00 3:35 3:30
35-39 3:10 3:05 3:40 3:35
40-44 3:15 3:10 3:45 3:40
45-49 3:25 3:20 3:55 3:50
50-54 3:30 3:25 4:00 3:55
55-59 3:40 3:35 4:10 4:05
60-64 3:55 3:50 4:25 4:20
65-69 4:10 4:05 4:40 4:35
70-74 4:25 4:20 4:55 4:50
75-79 4:40 4:35 5:10 5:05
80+ 4:55 4:50 5:25 5:20

Here are some field demographics for this year’s qualified applicants:

5,256 qualifiers met their qualifying time by 20 minutes or faster.

8,620 qualifiers met their qualifying time by 10 minutes or faster.

8,545 qualifiers met their qualifying time by five or faster.

220 qualifiers met their qualifying time by 4 minutes, 52 seconds or faster.

433 qualifiers were accepted based on finishing 10 or more consecutive Boston Marathons.

270 qualified athletes with disabilities have been accepted, or are expected to be accepted, through the conclusion of the Athletes with Disabilities registration period.

Hurricane Florence Relief

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Hurricane Florence has hit our community hard and it’s hard to believe that it will be a memory for most when the 10th Anniversary of the NHRMC Marathon Weekend rolls around March 9th, 2019.

The power will have been restored, trees and debris will be removed, those fortunate enough will have their lost and damaged possessions replaced and the curtain will have come down on the wall to wall news coverage.

But the reality is that while thousands of people need help today, thousands of those less fortunate people will still be suffering from the aftermath.

We as a running community have an opportunity to make a major difference not only today but we can and should help all the way through our Marathon Madness weekend in March.

You can help accomplish this in a few ways:

1. Donate today! It’s simple, click here to make donation, anyone can help.

2. Runners, create your own personal fundraising page and encourage your friends, family and associates to help hurricane victims by donating to your personal run.

It’s simple if you have already registered for the event weekend just click here and follow the directions to set up your personal fundraising page.

3. If you have not registered please click here and do so today! $20 from any new race entry through the rest of the month will go directly to the hurricane relief.  Then follow the instructions to set up your personal fundraising page.

All donations will go directly to Proactive Events, a 501c3. Proactive Events and our event committee and board will determine the most effective non-profit organizations making the biggest difference for those suffering the worst from the aftermath of Florence.  We will work hand in hand with County officials and New Hanover Regional Medical Center to make sure the funds stay local.

100% of your fundraising will be awarded to these non-profits rebuilding our communities on an ongoing monthly basis so our community will continue to help not just in the short-term but for the next seven months.

Once you have your page set up don’t be shy about asking everyone you know to help. The aftermath stories will be on everyone’s minds this week so now is the time to get started!


The Wrightsville Beach Marathon Staff

The NHRMC Wrightsville Beach Marathon has donated over $400,000 to local non-profits and community groups since it’s inaugural year.

What are the fastest marathons to qualify for Boston?

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You always want to find a fast marathon where the weather has a history of being marathon friendly, the roads do not catch head winds for long periods and the course is pretty flat.  Here are 10 great marathons to qualify for Boston.

  1. The NHRMC Wrightsville Beach Marathon!  – NORTH CAROLINA (we love our race)
  2. The Chicago Marathon – ILLINOIS
  3. The California International Marathon – CALIFORNIA
  4. Chicagoland Marathon – ILLINOIS
  5. Grand Rapids Marathon – MICHIGAN
  6. Lehigh Valley Marathon – PENNSYLVANIA
  7. Wineglass Marathon – NEW YORK
  8. Twin Cities Marathon – MINNESOTA
  9. Richmond Marathon – VIRGINIA
  10. Philadelphia Marathon = PENNSYLVANIA

Good luck, we like to try to keep you as informed as possible here at the NHRMC Wrightsville Beach Marathon!


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Is is the 3rd email of a series going out this week.  If you did not receive the first or second email, scroll to the bottom and click on the email you missed.

At the finish line you will be receiving a PUBLIX Bag with a granola bar, mini muffin, banana, pretzels and a CORE Hydration bottle.  These bags will be handed to you while you are walking through the chute.  As you walk through, you will have the option to get medical care from New Hanover Regional Medical Center.  THANK YOU PUBLIX for donating all of the post race snacks and thank you NHRMC for all of your race support!

The UNCW Fisher Student Union will be open to purchase food.  Inside the Fisher Student Union are Chick-Fil-A, Subway and the University Market.  The Fisher Studen Union is located directly adjacent to the Burney Center and finish line.

The Burney Center (same location as the expo) will be split into 2 sides.  The left side will be a gathering area with free beer.  The right side will be an athletes only treatment area with Physical Therapists and Massage Therapists on site.  We will also have basic snacks and oatmeal for athletes from PUBLIX.  We will NOT be having pizza this year.




Saturday March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day.  Join us from 12:00pm to 6pm at Waterman’s Brewery.  Shuttles from UNCW will drop you off at Waterman’s if you would like to get your party started early. You can buy tickets now online for $20 or $25 at the expo.  Your ticket gets you a name on a list and you will go straight to Waterman’s to the NHRMC WB MARATHON Flag to get your passes.  Wednesday (Today is the final day to buy tickets online) 

*If you are staying at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort, we will have a shuttle running back and forth from the hotel to the brewery. 

The After Party Includes: 

An Irish Plate for an Irish Day!

A hearty plate of House made Corned Beef

Korobi Cabbage


Red Potatoes

1 free locally brewed beer


Fisher Student Union
After Party Tickets
Look up your bib number





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NHRMC Wrightsville Beach Marathon Madness

Fri March 16 – Sat March 17 2018


This is the 2nd email of a series that go out this week.  Please email us if you missed email #1.
Knowing the course and the rules are essential for a great experience for you and for everyone else in the race.  The NHRMC Wrightsville Beach Marathon course is literally a tour of Eastern New Hanover County.  It bends and winds, but is fast.  However, there are some spots that repeat and it is important that you are familiar with everything.


We offer a complimentary bag drop at the start area.  You can use the bag you receive at the expo for your gear bag. Our bag drop is to simply allow you to dress warm at the start and throw your clothes in our truck.  The bags will be back at UNCW when you finish.  There should be no keys, wallets, phones or anything important in this bag.  We advise against putting anything of any value.  We will take the clothing back to UNCW and hold it near the shuttle pickup location, adjacent to the UNCW Burney Center until 1:00pm.  After 1pm, everything that is not picked up will be donated.


  • Follow instructions of our volunteers.  We strongly suggest not using headphones for the sole purpose that if there is an emergency or a volunteer is trying to get your attention and you cannot hear them, it becomes a big problem.
  • Know the course.  The marathon and half marathon split just before mile 9.  Be sure that you understand where you are going and not just following the runner in front of you.  There are also repeated sections of the course.  Know which mile you are on so you complete the entire distance.  Any signs of cutting the course via timing split verification will result in an immediate disqualification.  Also the online Marathon Investigator will be watching!
  • Walking in the race is fine, as long as you respect runners behind you by staying to the left and reach the course cutoff.
  • No bike pacing.  Please tell your friends and family they cannot bike pace you on the course.  No bike will be allowed in Landfall.  Please respect this rule for yourself and for other runners.
  • Trash – please throw your trash at an aid station.  This not only helps keep our city clean but helps give the runners behind you a positive experience by not having to run over trash.


  • All half marathoners must be at mile 10 by 9:20 am.  That is 2:20:00 or 14:00 per mile pace.  After mile 10, you have until 1:00pm to finish the last 3.1 miles:)
  • All marathoners must be at mile 11.5 at 9:20 am, mile 19 by 11:00 am and to the finish by 1:00 pm.  The 9:20 am and 11:00 am cutoffs are mandatory by our city and DOT.  That would be an average of 13:42 per mile pace.  After mile 19, you have 7.2 miles to finish the remaining 2 hours of the race which is 16:40 per mile pace.  So your goal is to get to that mile 19 and then you can relax a little more if needed, or keep pushing for a personal best.
  • If you are not going to make our cutoff times, our staff have the right to pull you or turn you short on the course which would result in a DQ.  Please do not argue with our staff.  In order to have this race, we must hold true to our cutoff times.  The city and DOT need to re-open the roads.


Aid stations will be located at the following miles: 1.8, 2.8, 4.2, 6.8, 8.2, (10, and 12 for the half) remaining full location: 11.2, 12.2, 13.5, 14.8, 16, 17, 18, 20, 22, 23, 25
Medical tent stations: mile 10(half) mile 17, 20, and 23.

At each aid station we will have Gatorade, 2-4 bathrooms, water, Clif Gels.  At the later aid stations for the marathon there will be oranges, Coke and Twizzlers.

There will be medical teams all over the course, but specific medical stations at mile 10 for the half, 17 for the full, 20 and 23 for the full and at the finish.  If you need to drop out of the race for any reason.  Drop out at an aid station or the nearest medical station.


The course is fast and flat.  Go to our ALL MAPS page on the website where you have a couple of different options.  You can print a map or use the GOOGLE MAPS app on your phone to view the map zooming in and out.  You can see your current location relative to the maps.  You also can use the RACE JOY application.  If you use RACE JOY during the race, your spectators can track your progress live and send you messages.  There will be a separate email regarding this.


All Maps Page
Pace Groups
RACE JOY Runner Tracking





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NHRMC Wrightsville Beach Marathon Madness

Fri March 16 – Sat March 17 2018
Location: Wilmington, NC US 28403 Directions

It’s Marathon Madness Week!  We are excited, we hope you are too.  This is the first of a few emails that will go out on some of the different subjects of the course.  Most of this information is on the website but we want to be sure you are fully aware of event specifics.


The expo will be Friday, March 16th from 11:00 am to 8:30 pm.  Please arrive in a timely manner.  When you arrive on campus, the best road to come in on for parking will be HURST DR off South College Rd.  You will park by the UNCW track or tennis courts and walk about 200-300 meters to the Burney Center.  The Burney Center will have MARATHON MADNESS flags around it. Someone can also drop you off by the entrance and then go park.

When you arrive, you will pick up your bib in the lobby.  A friend or family can pick up your packet for you with a copy of a picture ID for reference. If you would like to transfer to another event you can do this at the expo.  There will be a $20 transfer fee.  ($10 from full marathon to half or 5K)

From the lobby you will walk into the expo and directly to your left you will receive your PJ PANTS – If you pre-ordered shuttle passes, t-shirts or socks before 2/1/18 those orders will be right on your bib and you will receive them with your pants.  Please double check your bib to be sure your pre-orders are correct and that you have everything before you leave.  If an item is missing, we can double check your order at the Marathon Madness store and make any corrections.

If you did NOT pre-order shuttle passes, t-shirts or socks and you would like to purchase them, you will visit the marathon madness store after you pick up your pants.

Friday’s Schedule is as follows:

11:00 am to 8:30 pm– Expo/Packet Pickup

12:00 pm Course and Weekend information session

5:00 pm Course and Weekend Information session – Meet your Pacer between 5pm and 6pm.

6:30 pm The Marathon Madness 5K Start

6:35 pm The Marathon Madness 1 Mile

7:30 pm Course and Weekend Information Session

Saturday, March 17th

4:45am: Shuttle service begins from UNCW $3.00 to take the shuttle to the start (buy tickets)

6:35am: Make sure your RACEJOY tracking is ready to go!

6:40am: Half and Full Marathon and Marathon Relay Start

9:00am: Free Shuttle service begins to take runners back to the start area (remember that post race shuttles can take awhile due to race traffic around Wilmington)

8:00am to 1:00pm Post race party, beer, food, finish line celebration. (Beer will be inside the Burney center in a beer zone.  Since we are on a college campus you cannot just carry your beer around, you must stay in the beer area.  Thanks)

10:00am: Half Marathon Awards

11:00am: Full Marathon Awards

12:00pm to 6:00pm – Waterman’s Brewery St. Patrick’s Day Party

1:00pm: Course Cutoff

1:00pm: Free Shuttle service ends


Expo parking – when you arrive on campus, you will be directed to park in LOT K or the GREEN TRACK lot.  This is about a 200-300 meter walk to the Burney Center. You can drop off at the Burney Center for convenience.  Anyone parking on campus please park in parking spaces, no grass parking or illegal parking.  To avoid any ticketing, please print this pass and put on your dash board when parking on campus


OPTION #1: Buy a $5.00 shuttle pass and park at the finish (UNCW) and take a shuttle to the start.  If you did not pre-order a shuttle pass, you can purchase one at the marathon store at the expo.  There are 450 shuttle passes left.  We will have security at the shuttle pickup to ensure you have bought a pass.  Shuttles run from 4:45am to 6:20am.  The last shuttle will leave UNCW at 6:20, so be sure you are there as early as possible so we can fill the shuttles to capacity.  Again you must have your shuttle wrist band on that you will receive at the expo.

OPTION #2: Park at the start.  Wrightsville Beach will have parking on site.  Please see map below of highlighted areas where we will park people.  If you use this option, you can take a FREE shuttle from the finish back to the start.  There will be waiting times for this shuttle as shuttles will have to negotiate race traffic while going to and from the beach.  Shuttles will pickup and drop off at the same locations throughout the day.

OPTION #3 Carpool or get dropped off at the start.  If you are not taking the shuttle, this option is the best.  Your friends or family can drop you off at the start line area anytime before 6:30am.


Transportation and Parking Maps

Expo Maps and logistics

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s email: COURSE PROFILE AND RULE, ETIQUETTE, BAG DROP

NHRMC Wrightsville Beach Marathon Madness

Wilmington, NC
Fri March 16 – Sat March 17 2018

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New Hanover Regional Medical Center Brings Mission into Motion as Title Sponsor of Wrightsville Beach Marathon

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Marisa Madia
March 7, 2017


Wilmington, NC – As part of its new mission, Leading Our Community to Outstanding Health, New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC) will be the official naming sponsor of the Wrightsville Beach Marathon, it was announced today.  NHRMC will replace QuintilesIMS as title sponsor beginning in 2018.

“We are thankful for seven amazing years from QuintilesIMS and are thrilled to see them pass the baton to New Hanover Regional Medical Center,” said Tom Clifford, Event Director.

The 8th annual event weekend takes place March 25, 2017 and features a full marathon, half marathon, relay, Susan G. Komen Wilmington Race for the Cure ® 5K, and 1-mile fun run.  With the full marathon sold out and less than 120 spots remaining in the half, NHRMC will announce its title sponsorship to a record number of runners and spectators.

“NHRMC is such a valuable partner in events of this scale,” continued Clifford. “Our staff, volunteers, and runners can expect many more great years ahead as the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Wrightsville Beach Marathon!”

“NHRMC is proud to support this local marathon,” said John Gizdic, CEO and President of New Hanover Regional Medical Center.  “This event embodies the heart of our new mission.  Engaging our community in physical activity helps promote well-being, and supporting this event also ensures we continue to focus on the economic development of this region.”

QuintilesIMS, the event’s title sponsor since its inception in 2010, will co-brand the 2017 race with NHRMC before passing the naming rights on for 2018 and beyond.

In addition to its new name, the Wrightsville Beach Marathon Madness has found a new home, with the packet pickup and finish line moving from Mayfaire Town Center to UNCW’s campus.  The pre-event expo and packet pickup will be held in the Burney Center on Friday, March 24th, and runners will experience a scenic finish along Chancellor’s Walk on Saturday, March 25th.

The event has raised nearly $300,000 for local charities in its seven-year history, and the 2016 Marathon Madness Weekend brought over 3,500 runners and their families to the Wilmington area.

About the Wrightsville Beach Marathon

The Wrightsville Beach Marathon is the largest running event in Wilmington, North Carolina and generates millions of dollars in economic impact each year. Net proceeds from the event benefit numerous local charities, including the Landfall Foundation. For more information, please visit


New Hanover Regional Medical Center is the leading provider of quality and accessible health care in southeastern North Carolina, delivering care to all in need, without the support of taxpayer dollars. The medical center is an economic engine for the community, creating more than 6,000 jobs directly and another 6,000 jobs indirectly.


Thank You Participants, Volunteers and Sponsors! Results, Race Photos, Apparel and More….

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On behalf of our Staff, the City of Wilmington, the town of Wrightsville Beach, New Hanover County, and the community of Landfall, THANK YOU for choosing the Quintiles Wrightsville Beach Marathon Madness presented by Landfall Realty as your spring race!  Each year we look forward to you having the best experience when you race with us!

Thank you to our sponsors!  We could not do this event without their help.  Please check out their links at the end of this email – they give us the opportunities to make QWB what it is!

Thank you to our Volunteers who spent their weekend helping!  Over $30,000.00 will be donated again to Charities, Churches and Local Volunteer Groups.

Early Bird Registration opens May 1st, 2014

SAVE THE DATES: March 20-22, 2015!

Results, Pictures, Apparel
The 2015 Half Marathon will be the USATF North Carolina State Championship for the 2nd Year! 

  • 2014 Results Listed Here.  All age group and overall awards are based on Gun Time.  
    • In 2015, Overall and Masters overall will still be Gun time, however, Age Group results will be changed to chip time per USA Track and Field.
  • Thank You Land Rover Cape Fear for providing all participants with FREE PICTURES.  Your pictures should have been personally emailed to you.  Of course not all bibs could be captured and you can search for your picture by clicking here.  There are some FUNNY PICS!  Nice job everyone!
  • LAST CHANCE TO GET A 2014 QWBM Tee.  We know you loved your orange t-shirt so why not have 2 for an extremely great deal?!?  Just $10 per shirt including shipping costs!  Unbeatable for a Without Limits shirt that is the first of its kind in the marketplace!
While buying your QWBM Shirt check out the other apparel items for sale.  
Live your life Without Limits!
Thank You Staff and Volunteers

Tom Clifford – Race Director
Jason Adams – Co-Race Director
Sami Winter – Volunteer Coordinator
Matt Willis – Aid Stations
Annette Clifford – Apparel, Expo, Finish Line
Kristen Smith – Finish Line, Entertainment
Jen Peterken – Transportation, 5K Volunteers
Tom Crichton – Marketing, Sponsorships
Kathryn Nixon – Volunteer and Pasta Dinner
Avery Wilmeth – Landfall Coodinator
Brian Bohrer – Relay Exchange and Pacer Set Up
Kyle Shepard – Course Engineering and Logistics
Colin Hackman -5K Director, Elite Coordinator
Annie Sullivan -Coodinator Wrightsville Beach Area
Steve Burdt – Landfall Foundation Liason
Sandy Slocum – Landfall COA
Jeremy Davis – Timing
Joy Sessoms – MEDICAL
Hans Edwards – MEDICAL Emergency Unit
Jimmy Sessoms – Head Traffic Control
Russel James – Landfall Security
Scott Johnson – ANNOUNCER
Chris Schwartz – WB POLICE
Frank Smith- WB Fire
Bob Kiehlmeier – Communications
 Paige Kon – MAYFAIRE

Katie Ryan – Wrightsville Beach
Matt Burns – 2nd Accessories Cone Crew
Scott Goodyear- EMS
Morgan Osborne- Communications and planning


Other Upcoming Events 

Mountain to Sea Challenge






Proactive Lifestyle Events is a 501C3 Non Profit Organization that puts on athletic events, particularly marathon races and endurance events to serve the local community of Wilmington, North Carolina and surrounding areas. We strive to create a world class experience, promote health and fitness for all ages, and give back to our community.