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February 27, 2021

5 Reasons to Start Training for your Marathon Early | Register for 2019

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It is time to think about or choose your winter spring marathons.  We know, IT’S ONLY OCTOBER, but 16-20 week training plans start November 1st for the 10th annual NHRMC Wrightsville Beach Marathon Madness Weekend!

Why is it important to build up slowly to your marathon?  Many of you runners know the answer, INJURY PREVENTION.  But there is more…..

Read these training notes that you should consider when building up to a long distance running race.

#1 A slow mileage build-up will allow you to find out certain things:

A. How many days a week you should run.
B. How much rest you need in between runs.
C. The flow of your week with your life stress.

#2 Fall races can give you an idea of where your current fitness is.  Sign up for a 5K or a half marathon to give yourself a good judgment of where your fitness is and then build your plan around your strengths and weaknesses.

#3 Consider the holidays.  The holidays are a busy time of year which can cause missed training days and diverted attention.  When you start your training early and you stay consistent, a few missed days won’t set you back at all; and sometimes they can be a pleasant break for your body.

#4 Starting a plan early can allow you to be more conservative, as opposed to starting late and trying to cram mileage in to get in shape quickly.  Running is a process that takes long term consistency.

#5 Last but not least, running miles are like a savings account.  The more you can bank mileage over your lifetime, the more mature the runner you will become, allowing you to fine tune your training.

Happy Running!

Coach Tom Clifford
USATF Level 2

Good luck, and we hope you consider the 2019 NHRMC Wrightsville Beach Marathon.

Current 10 year anniversary Prices:
The next price increase is December 1st

26.2: $90
13.1: $75
Relay: $45
5K Glow Run: $25
1 mile Glow Run: $15

The NHRMC Wrightsville Beach Marathon is one of the top rated marathon’s in the South and Wilmington is the home of Screen Gems movie studio and the NC Azalea Festival in a beautiful beach destination.

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